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Calm Sea


Our memorial jewellery pieces are a heartfelt and unique way to cherish the memories of your loved ones. Crafted with utmost care and compassion, these pieces are made from various metals such as: 

Recycled sterling silver

which is a precious metal renowned for its shine, beauty.

Surgical stainless steel

 Known for its durability and being hypoallergenic, it's more cost effective and hard wearing than sterling or fine silver.

Silver clay

Recycled from a range of sources, including particles from photographic industry and x-ray waste. It is a fine silver and is easily moulded and shaped.


We work with ashes, breast milk, human hair & animal fur.

Depending on the material, the treasured pieces can be set inside high quality resin. Each piece is meticulously designed to hold a precious keepsake, preserving the essence of your loved one forever.

We understand the importance of honouring the memories of those who have passed on, our memorial jewellery offers a tangible connection that brings comfort and solace during times of grief. All pieces are handled with care to delicately encapsulate these meaningful elements into stunning designs.

Previous customer designs:

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