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Elevate your style with our enchanting "Leaping Hare and Emerald Green Gemstone Pendant" — a masterpiece in fine silver craftsmanship. This exquisite pendant is adorned with an intricately designed leaping hare, a symbol of agility and grace, expertly finished with a mirror-like finish.


The pendant's front and back showcase textured antique detail, adding depth and character to this already stunning piece.


The use of fine silver ensures both durability and a timeless elegance, making it a versatile accessory for any occasion.The focal point of this pendant is a captivating emerald green gemstone, adding a touch of vibrant color and sophistication.


The careful placement of this gemstone enhances the overall aesthetic, creating a harmonious balance between the leaping hare and the rich green hue.


Whether worn as a statement piece or as a cherished gift, our "Leaping Hare and Emerald Green Gemstone Pendant" is a testament to refined taste and artistic excellence, inviting you to embrace a sense of beauty and wonder in your everyday adornment.


Your jewellery will be gift wrapped in tissue paper and placed inside an eco-friendly bag. 

Gfit boxes are aslo available at an additional cost.

Leaping Hare and Emerald Green Gemstone Pendant

SKU: 5.70
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